Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

Why can't I choose the date I want for the item I'm ordering?

  • Lead time on most items is two business days; so, if you're ordering on a Monday, the soonest that item can be delivered is Wednesday, and so on.
  • We currently prepare our Special Delivery items Monday through Friday, so Saturdays and Sundays won't be available to choose as a delivery date.
  • We also have blackout dates when students are on fall, winter, and spring breaks.


What's the best way to order two items?

If you want two separate items to be prepared for the same day, just order them together in the same transaction. You'll choose one date and enter one card message.

If you want two separate items to be prepared for different dates, or one of your items is seasonal (Study Surprise, Boo Bag, Valentine's Monster Cookie), it works best to place two separate orders. That way, you can specify two separate dates with two separate card messages.

If you have trouble with either, let us know in the notes what you're hoping to do or email us at feedbackCWCHFS@psu.edu. We'll make it work!


Where do I enter my student's name?

Enter your student's name in the Pickup Address section when checking out; the address will default to the campus location where they'll pick up their treat. Enter their cell number in this section too, just in case they forget to pick up their treat - we'll remind them with a phone call.


Can I pick their favorite beverages or candies to include in their bag?

When beverages are included in a treat bag, we give them a coupon good at our locations. That way, they can pick the items they want when they want them. 

When candies or chocolate are included in a treat bag, the options available will vary by season and we aren't able to specify which items we'll have in house when the order will be delivered. We tend to use Hershey Kisses or Hershey assortments for chocolate and items like Swedish Fish and Junior Mints for candy.

If your student has an allergy or intolerance, let us know that in the notes of your order and we'll do our best to accommodate that.


How does my student get their treat?

Your lucky student will receive an email on the date you've chosen, usually mid-morning, giving them instructions for picking up their item. Items that require temperature control are kept appropriately and then retrieved for the student when they arrive to pick up their treat. We'll keep the items for them for three days, just in case they forget or are unable to pick it up the scheduled date. Unfortunately, any perishables not picked up in three days will be disposed of.


What questions do you have that we haven't answered? Let us know or send us any feedback about the site or service at feedbackcwchfs@psu.edu.